LWC Practice Scenario: Quote Creation Module in LWC

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This scenario is shared for the people who want to practice LWC with Real Time requirements, that is why no code is provided in this post. If you want me to review your code, then upload the code to public GitHub repor and share the GitHub repo link in the comments. 

Design a Quote Creation Module in LWC. It should have the following features. The same requirement can be also used for Opportunity Creation instead of Quote.

  • Option to Select a contact and account to select the customer who is buying products.
  • Option to search products based on the fields
    • Name
    • Product Code
    • Type__c(custom field)
  • Users should be able to select the products from the search results to add to Quote.
  • Users should be able to search multiple products at a time.
  • Ask users to enter quantity and price. With default price and quantity auto-populated.
  • Calculate and display the total price for each selected product and calculate the grand total.
  • Create two buttons
    • Create Quote - create a new record, populate the account, and relate the selected contact with the same.
    • Clear All - Remove all selected products and reset the form.

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