Access DOM Elements with LWC Refs

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Access DOM Elements with LWC Refs

Hello Trailblazers!

In this post, we will learn how to use the lwc:ref directives to query and reference the DOM elements from the Lwc Component.

This is a great alternative for the id attribute which is not recommended for use in the LWC Framework.

With the help of lwc:ref you no longer need to use the querySelector which might be a little bit difficult to use.

If you are familiar with the Aura Component framework this is somewhat similar to aura:id and cmp.find("id") from Aura Component Framework.

How to use lwc:ref

First of all, you need to set lwc:ref directive to the element and set a value to it. This value is text in camel case format which can be used to uniquely identify the DOM element.

Here are some examples of valid values for lwc:ref directive: myDiv, myComponent, box, etc.

After that, you can access the element in the JS file using this syntax: this.refs.<attribute-value>. For example this.refs.myDiv.

With this reference, you can access all properties and functions of the referenced element.

The below example shows how we can reference elements, set attributes, or call public functions of the DOM elements.


      label="User Name">

    <!-- use with native html -->
    <div lwc:ref="myDiv"></div>

    <!-- use with custom component -->
    <c-child lwc:ref="childCmp"></c-child>


export default class MyComponent extends LightningElement {

  renderedCallback() {
    // get userName
    console.log("userName ", this.refs.userName.value);
    // set value to the input.
    this.refs.userName.value = "default@username"
    // get the div

    // get the custom child component and call @api function    

Important points to remember about lwc:refs

  • If you call this.refs for the component that does not exist, it returns undefined.
  • When multiple components are assigned the same lwc:ref value then the last component in the DOM.
  • Expressions are not supported for lwc:ref, only text is allowed.
  • The value this.refs.myCmp is not accessible in connectedCallback as the components are not rendered yet.
  • Don't forget to add a null check for this.refs.
  • As of now, refs don't work with elements inside for:each

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