Dynamically access Custom Labels in Apex

No more static references to the labels! If you have a requirement where you want to access one of the multiple custom labels at run time instead of hard coding the reference to the Custom Label.

Accessing labels dynamically allows you to select different labels based on the data. Accessing labels dynamically also allows you to show the label in a different language than the user's default language.

Additionally, you can check if the translation for a particular language exists or not.

Static way of accessing Custom Label in Apex

String s2 = System.Label.MyLabelName;

A dynamic way of accessing Custom Label in Apex

Pass a blank string for the default namespace (c) or when no namespace is there.

System.debug(System.Label.get('', 'MyLabel'));

Pass the namespace if you want to access a label from a particular namespace. Please note that you can’t access labels that are protected in a different namespace.

System.debug(System.Label.get('my_package', 'MyLabel'));

Check if a translation exists for the label

Label.translationExists(namespace, label, language)


Please note that both the methods System.Label.get() and Label.translationExists() throw the below error if an invalid label name is passed.

"System.InvalidParameterValueException: Invalid or non-existent label: MyLabel2"

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