What are screen flows in Salesforce?

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Screen flows in Salesforce is a simple and declarative tool to build custom user interfaces. Using that you can build forms or wizards where users can input the information and navigate through different screens and save the data. 

You can also put data validations and guidelines on that. So the users are focused on important information. Conditionally hide/show the section and so on. Basically, you can build a short form that can change based on the inputs from the user, for example, a customer survey after the service case is closed.


  • No Code is required for automation.
  • With the Screen flows you can update and create records for any custom and standard objects.
  • You can send emails.
  • Query and display data from records.
  • You can build complex business processes.
  • Upload files to the records.
  • Dynamically load forms and data from Salesforce.
  • Create custom flow components using Lightning Web Components.
  • Install app exchange components or flows.
  • Call external services.

Where can you use Screen flows?

You can use screen flows in below mentioned places.
  • Lightning Record Pages, App pages, and tabs.
  • Record quick actions and global quick actions.
  • Experience Sites Pages.
  • Einstein ChatBots.
  • Utility Bar
  • Embedded Service Deployment
  • Embed Flow in Visualforce Page
  • Embed Flow in Aura Component
  • Share flow with URL, Link Button, or Web tab.
  • Actions & Recommendations Component

Limitations of Screen Flows

  • You might need to create custom components for very complex scenarios.
  • The component supports only manually entered values for input variables.
  • Text input variables accept a maximum length of 4,000 characters.

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