LWC Practice Scenario: Accounts with maximum number of children contacts

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This scenario is shared for the people who want to practice LWC with Real Time requirements, that is why no code is provided in this post. If you want me to review your code, then upload the code to public GitHub repor and share the GitHub repo link in the comments. 


  • Create a Lightning web component to show the top N number Accounts with the highest children contact count in tabular format.
  • The Table should display the following columns:
    • Account Name
    • Number of Contacts
  • Data should be sorted by Number of Contacts [DESC] and Account Name [ASC].
  • N should be configurable from the app builder so the admin can configure this value from the App builder.
  • Account Name should be a clickable link and redirect to the Account record page when clicked.
  • Also, the user should be able to change the sort order for the Number of Contacts and Account Name fields.
  • This component should use the Account-Contact direct relationship to show the data.
  • The table data should be visible to all users regardless of whether they have access to Account/Contacts.

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