Why must Salesforce Developers/Admins know Salesforce Flows?

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Flows are now replacements for both Workflow and Proces Builders. As a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, it has become very important for you to have the knowledge and practice on Salesforce Flows. This post explains the reasons for you to learn about flows no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced Salesforce Professional.


So let's understand why you need to learn Salesforce flows:

Flow is the fast and easy to learn automation tool

It is a no-brainer that whatever new automation you are writing, you should choose Flow over Process Builder, Workflows, and Triggers(if possible with a flow). Flows are so easy to learn that just watching a few videos on YouTube or reading a blog can help.

It is also easy to build flows as you can visually see the 'steps' of your automation. In short, it is a quick win.

No coding experience is required.

Migration of Process Builder/Workflows to Flows.

You might be tasked with converting the old automation like workflows, and Process Builders into the flows. So you need to have a good hands-on experience with this kind of task, So better you start learning before the task comes to you.

If you are an admin you can propose this as your plan to migrate to flow and make impression on your boss!

If you are a beginner there are high chances that you will be asked to do stuff like this.

Replaces apex code with flows

There might be an existing code that you want to turn into the flow. Even the new simple tasks can be easily turned into flow instead of getting into the burden of writing apex triggers and classes.

If you are an admin, then you don't have to go to the developers requesting small tasks and you can achieve them with the help of flow and test on your own.

Debugging Apex Code

All other points mentioned above are applicable to the developers but there is one additional thing that might be applicable to devs only. That is debugging the code where flows are involved.

If some of the flows are causing the problem to your code then you should know how to debug the flows and fix them. So that they won't interfere with your code. 

You can achieve a lot with Salesforce flows

There are rigorous applications of flows in Salesforce. You can do many things without coding like creating simple forms and wizard-based user interfaces, calling APIs, sending emails, calling apex, updating records, calling another flow, scheduling flows, quick actions, etc.

Final thoughts

Flows are easy with a quick turnaround time and it is quite fun to work with flows, you will love how helpful they are. Let me know your thoughts on flows in the comments!

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