Access Salesforce Files without chatter after enabling Profile-Based Chatter Rollout

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Access Salesforce Files without chatter after enabling Profile-Based Chatter Rollout

After we enable the Profile-Based Chatter Rollout for any Salesforce org. We can't provide users access to Salesforce Files/Attachments without enabling chatter for them. If you don't want to enable chatter for some reason, but still want users to be able to upload files, then you are at the right place. I have found a workaround for that.

Enabling Profile-Based Chatter Rollout

Please make sure that you go through the considerations before enabling this. To enable Profile Based Chatter Rollout you need to create a case in Salesforce support. Here are the steps for that: Create a case to Enable Profile Base Chatter Rollout.

Once Salesforce enables Profile Based Chatter Rollout in your org, a new setting named Enable Chatter will be available in the profiles and permission sets. This setting is automatically enabled for Standard profiles and the users with the following permissions:

  • ChatterOwnGroups - Create/Own New Chatter Groups
  • ChatterFileLink - Create/Share Links to Chatter Files
  • ChatterInviteExternalUsers - Invite Customers To Chatter
  • ManageChatterMessages - Manage Chatter Messages
  • ModerateChatter - Moderate Chatter
  • ModerateNetworkFeeds - Moderate Chatter Feeds
  • Use Case Feed
  • ViewAllData - View All Data

You can disable these permissions if needed.


Here are the steps:

  1. Uncheck the Enable Chatter from the target profile.
  2. Go to the Assigned Apps settings of the target profile and remove access to the app
    Salesforce Chatter (standard__Chatter). So that users won't have access to the Chatter app.
  3. Not let's disable access to the Group and People tabs of the Chatter.
  4. Search Groups in the profile and select the Groups option from object settings. and disable the group tab.
  5. Search People in the profile and select the People option from object settings. and disable the people tab.
  6. Create a new Permission set.
  7. Check Enable Chatter setting on the new permission set.
  8. Also, remove the chatter components from the profiles' lightning records pages, so that you can disable chatter features for the record pages.
  9. Additionally, you can enable/disable other settings mentioned in the above section.
This solution was perfectly fine for my requirements, hope this is also helpful for you. let me know in the comments if you find any additional steps.


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