Forcetrails: Important points for Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer 1

Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer 1 Notes

Hello Friends, recently I completed Salesforce JavaScript Developer I certification, so I am going to share some important topics you need to study for this exam. I have collected all the links from these Trailhead Modules for the exam so we can have all the things in one place here. I would recommend reading the concepts before you give any practice tests for JavaScript. 

Please note that I strongly condemn using dumps for any Salesforce Exam, If we do so then the purpose of the exam is not fulfilled. It is also injustice with all the people who hard earn these Certifications.

Important Points to Study

Free Couse on JavaScript

Basic JavaScript Topics

  1. Study Guide
  2. MDN JavaScript Basics
  3. JavaScript Objects
  4. Working with Objects in JavaScript
  5. JavaScript Functions
  6. Event Handlers
  7. JavaScript Closures
  8. Scope and Closures
  9. Browser History
  10. WindowEventHandlers.onpopstate
  11. Introduction to the DOM
  12. Debugging in Chrome
  13. Error handling, "try...catch"

Async JavaScript

  1. Promises
  2. async function
  3. async-await
  4. Using Promises

Server Side Scripting

  1. npm package.json documentation
  2. Node.js https documentation

Best front-end and back-end Frameworks

Call to action

Please share if you have any additional links and let me know in the comments if this is helpful. Thanks, Rahul.

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